About Brand Irons
Circle B brand

Brand Irons started as an idea, like most businesses. When the domain Brand Irons.com became available, we grabbed it with the idea of helping entrepreneurs and business owners convert their visions into profits. By creating professional consulting services for business owners, Brand Irons shows owners how to brand their work through feasibility studies, market research, and workable business plans and models. Those form the foundation to work their brand with effective, creative, and unique marketing strategies designed to enhance and grow their bottom line.

Hence the tag line:  Brand Your Work – Work Your Brand.

The idea continued to grow as feasibility studies were conducted for business clients in Illinois, Mississippi, Wisconsin, California, and other states.  Numerous business plans and strategies have been crafted to convert dreams into results for business owners. Brand Irons launched with the purpose of helping business owners base their marketing decisions on sensible business strategies–not emotions. Our proprietary consulting process is modern, efficient, and cost effective. Call us at (920) 366-6334 to discuss how we can serve you and help grow your business.

About Our Trail Boss

Our Trail Boss at Brand Irons has a college degree in Mass Communications along with a broad, diverse background in marketing.

A trail boss helped cattle ranchers get their herds to market. Terry Misfeldt has the professional business expertise to help business owners get their products or services to market and turn ideas into profits.

His knowledge spans more than 40 years in business, advertising, marketing, sales, and public relations. He is familiar with TV, radio, print, and Internet marketing options, having been a professional photographer, journalist, magazine publisher, fundraiser, Chamber of Commerce executive, business consultant, website developer, and advertising agency owner.

What that means for you, as a business owner, is that our trail boss knows where you’re coming from. He also understands situations you have yet to consider, which adds value to your engagement with Brand Irons.