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The 3 A’s of Customer Service

Some might think customer service was as simple as A-B-C. I suppose a creative mind could come up with some aspect of taking care of customers using those letters. My preference that I will share here are the 3 A’s of Customer Service.


When a customer or prospective client comes into your store, E-mails or calls you, the first impression you get to make with that person is to acknowledge them. How many times have you walked into a grocery or some other retail establishment without being greeted by anyone? A cordial greeting on the phone is also appreciated, much more so than a gruff Hello! Remember those clients or prospects have come into your store or called you because they have money to spend with you.


The second A is to offer whatever assistance you can to customers. How much more are they likely to spend if they are treated with courtesy and true intention to be helpful. Every employee should be trained to assist every customer the same…whatever their nationality, gender, or skin color. A good phrase to teach your employees that has remarkable results and is non-offensive: “How may I be of service?” Employees should also be knowledgeable enough to know where to take a customer to find what they are looking to spend their money on…and advise them to the extent they are comfortable.


Far too often customers are sent on their way with a simple “Thank you!” repeated as though it is a chore to say it. Clerks should be trained to engage with customers–even those who spend but a pittance–and show appreciation for purchasing from their employer. Keep this in mind if you are the owner and clerk wrapped in one. If the queue is shorter, engagement might include asking the client what brought them in today or where they’re from or how they heard about your business. Appreciate their answer and the fact your cash register is ringing.