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Branding Your Services

Smoking brand ironWe’ve blogged several times since 2012 about brand-related topics, yet rarely have we been specific about how to create a brand for services.  Here we’re going to show you the tip of the iceberg with the intent of encouraging you to contact us (Brand Irons) about going through the entire proprietary process.  We know you’ll find value in this, so we beg forgiveness – or at least temporary memory loss about trying to generate business.  You can contact Brand Irons by clicking on the link in the tag line at the end of this blog.

The first step in creating a brand identity for your services is to define what those services are, and what they look like to a prospective consumer.  If you believe you sell a tangible service, consider whether it may – in reality – be a product offering.  A true definition of a service is something that is intangible because it rarely involves a physical item that the consumer can use on his/her own.

An example might be a cleaning service.  Yes, the service provider has cleaning products – either cleansers and equipment they provide or yours – but the actual service they provide is a cleaner, healthier, and perhaps neater, more organized home or office.  That’s visible but intangible.  How well the cleaning company employees do their job is subject to your perception and expectation.  You see the tangible end result, but how the work is done can vary from cleaning person to cleaning person.

Enough on tangible vs. intangible.  What you need to define is your service in terms of what the consumer receives.  If you offer a motor vehicle service, it’s less about the qualifications of the technician or mechanic than it is about providing customers with safe, comfortable, and trouble-free vehicles to use on the streets and highways.

A second step is to identify your strengths.  What are you good at providing, and can that be a profitable aspect of your business?  This soul-searching process can be beneficial if you and your business are in a transitional stage as the answers provide clarity on direction.  This is an area where a consultant can help you achieve that clarity.  You may also think about the weaknesses of your services and phase them out of your business model if it makes sense.  Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, though.

Keep in mind that these steps may take place in a different order when you engage Brand Irons for your branding strategy sessions or think them through on your own.

A third step is creating a strategy for your brand that can be implemented relatively easily and sustained for as long as you own the service, product, or niche market.  This involves identifying your target markets, geographic range (if applicable), and other variables to put the package together and get it in front of potential consumers.  The look and feel should reflect your strengths and the power of the services you offer that differentiate your business from your competitors.

Brand Your Work – Work Your Brand