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The Relevance Check

Every so often, business owners need to stop and check on their relevance in the world.  It is far too easy to become complacent and consumed with our daily activities while ignoring our pertinence to the world around us.  We think, like Mighty Mouse, that we can save the day because we’ve been there before or we know the answers … without even listening to the problem or trying to ascertain what it might be.

Mighty Mouse

Business owners can have a tremendous impact in many areas of our human existence.  You’ve surely heard the story of the shoe company owner who donates a pair of shoes to poor children for every pair his company sells.  That has relevance, especially to the indigent young people who’ve never had shoes to wear, and we’re sure it makes the employees feel good about their ability to make an impact on the planet and people’s lives.

How many business owners sacrificed profits to keep employees working during the difficult economic times over the past several years?  Quite a few, and that had relevance to the workers who were able to benefit from that generosity and keep their families fed.

The guide to relevance is through soul searching.  Profits are certainly important; a business cannot survive without profitability.  However, it is when profits become the sole motivator for business operations that the concept of greed enters the picture.  It’s the gypsy mentality about taking money from other people however you can so you can enjoy a more lavish lifestyle.

Consider how relevant you are to your employees.  Do they respect what you’re doing and follow your vision with a strong sense of belief?  Or do they just show up and do their job, or the least that’s expected of them?  Do they even know what’s expected?  Even though you may have the best products on the market, your employees are the real asset to your company.

Think about your customers and how relevant you are to them.  Do they need you, your products, and your services?  Do they value what you offer, or are you just a commodity they need?  Do they believe you treat them well?  Could they purchase what you offer from someone else?

These are simple steps you can take to assess your relevance, and companies like Brand Irons offer assistance to help think these things through and assess where you are.  One of the more important steps in the evaluation process, and often the hardest to face, is the self-evaluation.  Are you doing what you truly want to do?  Does it make an impact on the world?  Are you happy going to work every day, or is it drudgery?  Do you have time for your family, and do they appreciate the time you spend with them?

How relevant are you?

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