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A Positive Spin

It is easy to head down the road of negativity.  It is an element of our human nature to want to bring other people down, especially if they have better looks or more money or whatever else irritates us about something or someone.  When it comes to marketing your business, however, take the high road because a positive spin brightens your image with prospects and customers and with your overall corporate culture.

Putting a positive spin on your business builds brand loyalty.

Putting a positive spin on your business builds brand loyalty.

Being in the midst of political campaign ads as we are, the mud-slinging is rampant.  What the candidates hope is that their negative ads ripping their opponent will have an impact in a positive fashion (by getting the electorate to vote for them) and not backfire because the message is a slam on their adversary and they’re seen as bullies.  The more effective message has a positive spin and focuses either on their record of service or what their plans are once they’ve been elected.

Enough about politics.  We had a client that had a small, easily-contained fire at their place of business.  They wondered whether they should notify their customers about the fire.  When asked about the damage and the impact on clients, our initial response was that letting customers know didn’t matter since damage was minimal and the fire had no impact on the level of service provided to customers.

On reflection, though, a positive spin emerged that we shared with the client.  The idea was to notify clients about the fire in a positive manner.  We suggested the company advise clients to update internal safety procedures such as checking fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, teaching staff how to use fire extinguishers, reviewing emergency evacuation procedures, assessing computer system back-ups, and other steps to keep the business operating should something like a fire occur.

The suggestion came from being pro-active and the concept it’s much easier to prevent a fire than to fight one.

Think about your business for a minute or two.  What’s the worst thing that could happen besides a fire or other natural disaster?  Will it have a negative impact on your business?  Do you have a plan for dealing with that catastrophe or a strategy that can put a positive spin on it so your company survives and/or thrives?

Those steps are important, and it’s also a good idea to have a positive approach to marketing your products and/or services.

This strategy comes down to knowing what it is you’re marketing to potential customers and what those consumers are buying.

For instance, selling life insurance has a negative connotation with most people.  Providing peace of mind or the ability to sleep well at night has a positive spin.

Another common example:  Consumers have a negative impression of used car sales people.  The positive spin would be to let people know you provide reliable or economical transportation options.

Business and marketing consultants exist to provide business owners with the clarity they need to ensure that their business and its products and/or services are portrayed in as positive a light as possible.  This perpetuates the corporate culture and builds brand loyalty.  We like the adage that a pat on the back goes further than a kick in the pants.

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