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Put The Right People In The Right Position

The right strategy for positioning your employees can add to your bottom line.

The right strategy for positioning your employees can add to your bottom line.

Managing employees is an art form in business that requires an owner or manager to take the time to think things through.  Avoid rash decisions.  While it is often difficult to retain good employees, placing them in a fulfilling role with a certain level of responsibility can reap benefits and keep them challenged.

One of the keys is understanding each of your employees.  What motivates him or her?  What makes them tick?  Is it money, autonomy, authority, interaction with customers or other employees, or a steady paycheck?  The more you know about your employees, within legal guidelines, the better expectations you can set for them and the more accountable they will be.  Most employees want to make a difference and have an impact on the world, so if you – as an owner or manager – know what their expectations are and how they might fit with your corporate objectives, the easier it becomes to provide them with an outlet to achieve their goals and contribute to the company’s mission at the same time.

Make sure your mission is clear to every member of your team, and share your passion for the business so your vision becomes everyone’s vision.

Your best sales person may be ill-suited to become sales manager.  A sales manager may be the wrong person to be promoted as head of production.  Your graphic artist may be inappropriate for filling the shoes of the company’s social media manager.

Here are some simple steps to get you closer to puttng the right people in the right place:

1) Create a description of the work responsibilities and expectations, including anticipated customer interaction;

2) Compare the candidates’ qualifications, ambitions, and goals to the description;

3) Take some time to think through the implications of selecting the person who’s right for the position, including how long they’re likely to last in that job; and,

4) Trust your gut.

If you need to bounce your choices off an independent third party, consider engaging Brand Irons.  If you need to think about the transitions involved, take the time.  Better to wait on a decision than make the wrong one.  Think, too, about whether your choice makes the most sense or if you need to consider other candidates.

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